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So how did eucalyptus trees get here?
  1. Major species and uses
  2. 9 things you probably didn’t know about eucalyptus trees
  3. Eucalyptus: How California's Most Hated Tree Took Root
  4. Popular Gum Trees Are Found in Several Plant Genera

Thistles bloom in a range of colours including yellow and white, however they are most commonly seen in shades of purple. Many types of insects and butterflies are attracted to Thistles. This caused them to cry out alerting the Scottish army. As it is a weed, it has a very stubborn root system and can be quite difficult to remove the entire plant roots from the ground. Even if you leave just a little bit of root the Thistle will grow back in force the next year.

Thistle can grow up to eight feet high and over four feet in width. Can you imagine trying to walk past one of them in your bare feet? Lovely Iris Flowers Autumn is well and truly here:.

Major species and uses

Archive True gum arabic is gum acacia; that is, it is produced by species of Acacia. Examples of true gum arabic are gum sudan and gum kordofan, both of which originate in Sudan, and gum senegal, which comes from Senegal. Gum arabic is also collected in northern Nigeria, Libya, Tunisia, and Tanzania.

All about Sweet Gum Trees

The name gum arabic is sometimes also applied to substitutes for gum acacia, including gum gatti, collected in India. Gum tragacanth is second in importance commercially; it is produced by several shrubs of the genus Astragalus , principally Astragalus gummifer, native to the arid regions of Iran, Asia Minor , and Greece.

9 things you probably didn’t know about eucalyptus trees

The exudate is produced spontaneously on the bark of the shrub, but the yield may be increased by making an incision and driving wooden wedges into it. One of the oldest drugs known, its use dates from pre-Christian times. Gum tragacanth is still used pharmaceutically as a demulcent coating and as a binding agent in pill manufacture. In processed foods it is used as an emulsifier and in sauces as a thickener. Gum karaya and carob gum have been used as limited substitutes for gum tragacanth.

Chemically, the plant gums are complex compounds derived from carbohydrates; specifically, they are salts , either potassium, magnesium, or calcium, of acidic polysaccharides, the acidity of which is due to uronic acids in their structure. Rubber, chicle, and other latex products are not true gums. Varnish gums are actually resins and are chemically quite different from plant gums.

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Eucalyptus: How California's Most Hated Tree Took Root

Feb 1, Blue gum eucalyptus globulus grows fast and in poor soil, which made it a favorite of investors anticipating a hardwood famine in the early s. The trees are deciduous, shedding their bark every year. The trees grew remarkably quickly here, even in poor soil.

Eucalyptus trees grow fast, sometimes putting on 4 to 6 feet in height in a single year. An early 20th century boom Within a few decades of its arrival, many Californians grew disenchanted with eucalyptus.

Popular Gum Trees Are Found in Several Plant Genera

The bark sheds often, peeling in large strips. To some, the scent of eucalyptus trees is simply the scent of California.

Physical description

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