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Introducing New York City
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One of my favorite things about living here is how small I feel. I am continually surprised by how many different types of people I encounter, and I have learned so much about how to be even more open-minded and curious. Take advantage of the wide variety of cultures we have in our city and explore! Obviously, always be respectful and kind when venturing into each different neighborhood, as cultures and customs vary greatly. Keep it simple, Sunday.

New York City

Ess-a-Bagel's everything bagel with plain cream cheese. Go there.

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You can also avoid the ridiculously long lines for over-hyped items like cronuts and rainbow bagels. Stick to the classics and then explore the wild variety of foods that this city has to offer. NYC is chock full of delicious cuisines from just about any country! Here are 20 of my favorite cheap places to eat in New York City! So many gems on that list…it will surely have you drooling. And check out this post for even more of the best food in New York City. Can you tell we love food here?! A post shared by Dominik dominik.

This includes bar bathrooms which are especially disgusting. In a major pinch, these might be your only real options, but I have a bit of a secret suggestion…. Find the nearest nice hotel, and stride right in. Act like a guest, and look for their lobby bathroom or hop in the elevator to a different floor that you think might have a bathroom available.

Nine times out of ten, doing this results in you getting a super nice bathroom often all to yourself!

Another place to look for decent bathrooms in NYC is nicer restaurants, but this can be a little hit or miss. I still recommend trying hotel bathrooms first! Before you run away from this post screaming, hear me out. My rule of thumb is this: avoid Times Square at all costs, except for once in your life, when you go stand in the middle of Times Square late at night or very early in the morning, when no one else is around. It is unexpectedly quiet during those late night or early morning hours, and taking a stroll through the flashing billboards and famous theatres is a once-in-a-lifetime sort of experience.

Safety note: use common sense. Standing in Times Square alone at 2 a. Bring a buddy, stay alert. While New York City is much safer than it used to be, and far less scary than it is often portrayed on television, it is still a very big city with lots of people. With that comes an increased risk of safety issues.

A regular hero: risking my life in the name of symmetry. It's midnight, I've run out of words.

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Good night from New York City. All kidding aside, dressing in black or dark colors really does make you look like less of a tourist. Dressing like a local serves two purposes:. Dark colors, dark wash jeans, jean jackets or leather jackets, scarves and boots are pretty much always in when it comes to New York fashion. Probably my favorite shot of the trip. I cant even describe the view. The smell of the ocean and the feel of the breeze made this shot so much more pleasing.

Go at dusk of you toot ever get the chance. On the way back you'll get the night view. Cities Manhattan. Take your time to really enjoy the things on your list, rather than trying to cram everything in. I prefer classical art or historical museums. Just a personal preference. Obviously, do your own research and tailor your visits to your personal tastes, those are just a few of my recommendations.

For me, the perfect trip involves lots of good food and being able to wander and explore on a more local level. Before you click out of here and call me crazy, hear me out: if you want to get that iconic photo of New York City that includes the Empire State Building, you have to go to Rockefeller Center and visit Top of the Rock! Check out some of the beautiful Top of the Rock views here. The Freedom Tower Observation Deck is also incredible but always totally packed to the gills with tourists. Do you ever just want to do ALL of the things at once and then realize you're only one human and should probably slow your roll a bit?

That's where I'm at today. Anyone else feeling a tad overwhelmed this week? Tell me I'm not alone, y'all! Go check it out it's a quick, fun read! Some really great tips, thank you for this! Hoping to go back again soon to visit properly and have some more positive experiences there!

The Guide for New New Yorkers

Thanks for the detailed tips on visiting New York. I have been nervous about visiting such a huge busy city, but I know I will brave it when the special offer flights are on again from the U. I would like us to go in the fall and take advantage of the season to see other cities. Your advice on when to visit Time Square and the tip on finding clean toilets are very useful — Thanks! So happy they were helpful, Chris!

Fingers crossed you can make the trip soon! This post is brilliant! You can tell that you have spent a long time thinking about it and making it good for us NY newbies!!

#LocalsKnow: Stories And Tips From New Yorkers

I especially appreciate the part about loos! I tend to head to department stores, but hotels are a really smart option as well! This guide is seriously amazing. This guide was really insightful and got me pretty excited about my next stint there. Always happy to hear that, thanks Chantel!

New York City travel | USA - Lonely Planet

Thanks Rose! Magic, really! You really nail what someone needs to know to seamlessly navigate the city.