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And no one is holding back.

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As an elderly Danish gentleman -- who as a teenager went to the refugee school in Lund, Sweden during the war -- told me this week, observing what was happening on my iPhone: "Yes, if only we have had these opportunities during the war. As a rhetorician, it is insanely interesting to observe the new cross-cultural language that is used. Ethnic Danes and non-ethnic Danes, Christians, Jews, Muslims, write "God willing" and "God bless" to each other, and when a midwife is sent to a train in minutes!

Everyone else are seemingly "cousins. Arabic-speaking young female lawyers are standby around the clock.

Anyone who speaks Arabic and interpreters are in high demand. They all communicate in flawless Danish and then some in Swedish, when Swedish activists mingle in threads. German is no problem.

And all those who have been displaced from Syria apparently know both English and some French. Everyone communicates, regardless cultural differences and language barriers, they find a way. All but In the rhetorical discourse, we say that there are "imperative rhetorical situations" that require immediate action. This means that an appropriate speech must promptly be held to an audience who have legitimate expectations to this speech.

A communication emergency, you might say. And the speech should be carefully written to match the exact event, audience, time and place, in order to have the desired effect. In this case, perhaps, put the audience at ease. As well as demonstrate leadership, show that the situation is being handled diligently, carefully, in the best way possible. But no such speech was given.

More by Fatima Azzahro

No such leadership was demonstrated. The imperative rhetorical situation was handled by the people, by volunteers, and by the police through lots of words, lots of languages, lots of actions that speak louder than words, and a whole lot of love. And this saturday as many as 50, Danes gathered in front of the Parliament to demonstrate a refugee love storm. The public sure made us proud to be Danes again when our government failed. For how many hours a day were you "not even trying" Probably not many.

A lot of us knocked them out while doing the beta storms.

Go Behind The Scenes of Love Storm

User Info: Sharashaska. Goldar posted I got mine while going for daily vbucks. Almost all love challenges are attainable in a single mission, maybe 2. Can't wait to unlock Anthony but its a long way to it.

Vic Zhou 周渝民 Love Storm (狂愛龍捲風 / Kuang Ai Lung Juan Feng) Taiwanese Drama EngSub Ep 15

We thought we had survived the horror. But we were wrong. Once again, we found ourselves fighting for our lives". Oh, I didn't realize you could check the questline. Finally onto the final mission of that. FC: Playing: nothing.

Love Storm by Alan Wong

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