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Poor nutrition or electrolyte imbalances, such as abnormal levels of sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. Get moving. Physical activity is one of the best ways to counteract cancer-related fatigue. Talk with your doctor about how to start exercising safely. Take time to relax. Schedule some rest in your day so that you conserve energy for when you need it. Limit naps to less than 1 hour so that you can still sleep at night.

Eat well. Keeping up with your nutrition is important on many levels.

Fatigue fighting tips

You may also want to talk with a registered dietitian nutritionist RDN about how to eat well. Practice good sleep habits. Remember to keep your naps to less than 1 hour. Engage in mind-body strategies. Do everyday tasks in a way that uses less energy, for example sitting down to get dressed.

What is fatigue?

Plan activities for when you have the most energy. Break activities into smaller tasks and rest in between. Try spreading activities throughout the day or week and plan rest breaks. You may choose to prioritise the activities and events that are most important to you. If you are planning to return to work, consider starting back part-time and increasing your hours gradually. It may be that pushing through fatigue to complete physical or mental activities can help recovery, however more research is needed. Understanding your body and how fatigue affects you will help you make decisions about how much to push.

Pushing gently will most likely be best, as pushing too much can worsen fatigue.

related stories

Research suggests exercise may help lessen fatigue. Even if you feel tired, do some exercise each day. Even small amounts can help.

Good sleep habits may help. Get up at the same time every day and get some early morning sunshine. Exposure to light when you first wake up helps to set your body clock. If you need a nap, have it earlier in the afternoon and try to keep it to 20 minutes.

In the evening, do not ignore tiredness. Go to bed when your body tells you. Make sure to wind down or relax at least an hour before bed.

Managing fatigue

Dark colored produce, like broccoli and berries which are high in antioxidants are a great choice. I also like Emergen-C, a powder supplement you add to water, which boosts energy and bolsters the immune system. In , I fell asleep on the highway and crashed into the guardrail. In , as many as 1. Fifteen minutes in the sun can increase your vitamin D levels. The vitamin, along with B, is responsible for fighting fatigue.

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People with deficiencies often experience tiredness, moodiness, aches, and stress. Ever notice how a big, heavy meal makes you want to curl up in the fetal position and check out for an hour or so? Spacing out your meals helps regulate your blood sugar and should also help increase your energy throughout the day. Also, avoid processed, fatty foods, sweets, or foods with refined white carbohydrates.

Sleep researchers suggest this will help you feel more alert. In a study of women with breast cancer, increased exposure to bright light during chemotherapy resulted in less fatigue and better sleep. Fight the urge. In fact, if you have any big meetings scheduled, do your best to push them to another day, even if it ruffles some feathers. According to the National Sleep Foundation, staying awake for 18 hours causes you to function similarly to someone with. You might even have a mini breakdown. Know that this is normal, but plan to combat it.

Strategies for managing fatigue | Lupus Foundation of America

Avoid people or situations that trigger anger or frustration. Use a deep breathing relaxation technique when you feel yourself getting antsy. Anything to keep your nerves calm. Of course this never stopped me when I worked in a corporate environment—I took quite a few naps in my car. If you can nap, however, the right length is crucial.

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If you sleep for too short or too long a time, it will work against you. Experts suggest 20 minutes is ideal, since it generally takes 10 minutes to fall asleep and 10 for light, restful sleep. Whether you put too much on your plate or stayed up to late, the constant is personal choice.

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