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  1. CORE Subjects EC 63 Free Authentic Practice Questions [Updated]
  2. ISBN 13: 9781627339360
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While you do need solid content knowledge in each domain to pass the CORE Subjects exam, the test is actually more focused on critical thinking than on your recall of facts. Rather than trying to remember everything, focus on processes and methods of teaching the content. Also, remember that while you may not have taken math since high school, you use it every day.

For each domain, there will be many questions you can figure out using your own experiences and plain old common sense. Usually you can use context clues to whittle down the answer options. Critical thinking questions can be a double-edged sword.

CORE Subjects EC 63 Free Authentic Practice Questions [Updated]

It is very important that you read each question very carefully to make sure you understand what it is asking you. Just knowing what key words in a question mean is not enough! Instead, start early and do a little bit every day. By spending even minutes reviewing each concept each day, you will increase your confidence and comfort with the content. Plan to do practice questions regularly throughout the week and to take several practice tests leading up to exam day. Rozell is the President and Founder of Tutoring, which provides study guides for teacher certification exams.

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Scott has spent the past six years learning why people fail their certification exams and how to get them to pass. Top Posts. The Modality Effect and Wakelet Templates. Seven Keyboarding Tutorials to Share. Google Templates for Students. Five Hacks for Google Forms. Three Questions for Instructional Coaching. Good Teaching Professional Learning. Find the Weakest Link We all have our strengths and weaknesses.

ISBN 13: 9781627339360

Think Like a Student Once you find which areas you need to focus on, think like a student again. Hack the Competencies How can you know which terms to commit to memory? Trust Your Brain While you do need solid content knowledge in each domain to pass the CORE Subjects exam, the test is actually more focused on critical thinking than on your recall of facts. Guest Blogger.

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You may also like. Three Questions for Instructional Coaching October 1, During the time she was doing Locum right after she graduated from residency, she also did a Health Policy Fellowship to give her a little bit of time to think of what she wanted to be and what she wanted to do. In fact, she says it was the last thing she ever wanted to do. She actually wanted to be a pediatrician. But upon her first week of OB, she absolutely loved it. She loves the versatility of it as well as going to the OR, doing the deliveries, and doing the procedures in the office.

Whereas she found OB to be a lot more versatile even as a generalist. They were doing things that could be potentially considered as subspecialties like surgery.

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She basically likes the fact that she can work with her hands and do a bit more to keep herself busy. She never really thought about the procedures being a major part of what she would be doing as a physician. She realized she needed more than just the population.

TExES Materials: Home

She needed something that was going to motivate her, keep her busy, and something that she was going to enjoy. This is another example of keeping an open mind going into medical school.

TExES CORE Subjects EC-6: Social Studies (w/Practice Questions)

Click To Tweet. Part of the reason she was being told that is because she would go in doing more than just prescription or procedure. She would actually sit down and listen to patients as they tell her their lives and all things that affect people outside of just looking at their differential diagnosis. She adds this is a very intimate type of specialty so you need to go in thinking that and realizing that the patient is going to tell you intimate details and for you not to shy away from listening to those details otherwise you might miss things.

Again, it was only till the end of his third year that she did an OB rotation so she felt she missed a lot of other opportunities and that she should have considered other specialties. Aside from pregnant patients, she also sees patients trying to conceive, those with fertility issues, menstruation issues as well as women going through menopause.

Basically, she sees a wide variety of patients and this is what makes her job more interesting instead of just one diagnosis she sees constantly throughout the day. Then they make a plan as to how the pregnancy is going to go, things to expect, follow-up appointment, and what to expect for next time.

Every patient may be a different diagnosis and coming for a different problem.

The next patient may be an elderly woman having the hot flushes. So her patients vary everyday in terms of the number and versatility of patients she sees.

Calls vary as well in that there are different models of OB.