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The Basics
  1. How to Play
  2. When to Double Down
  3. A quick guide to playing the blackjack game
  4. Doubling Down in Blackjack Is a Good Bet
  5. Blackjack basic strategy won’t make you rich but will save you money

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How to Play

But it is important to remember that you are only playing against the dealer. If you lose that mindset, it will affect your play. Understand what "Blackjack 3 to 2" means. Somewhere on the blackjack table there will be a sign that says, "blackjack pays 3 to 2".

This is standard, and gives the house slightly elevated odds. If you see "Blackjack pays 6 to 5" run away from that casino. Be careful. Sometimes the house has different odds. A lot of rookie players make the mistake of thinking that 6 to 5 is more profitable that 3 to 2. In this case, 6 to 5 is smaller than 3 to 2 - which means that the house is great odds. Bottom line, you're going to lose a lot of money.

If you see "Blackjack pays 2 to 1", that's good news for you. This doesn't happen often anymore because most casino owners have figured out that 2 to 1 actually gives the player better odds than the house. But in case you do stumble upon a casino like this, make the most of it. Hit versus stand.

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  6. Proper player strategy involves taking every advantage!
  7. Blackjack Basic Strategy and Rules.

Let's say that the first two cards you are dealt are a 2 and a 7. This adds up to 9, which is far from You have the option of getting a hit , or an additional card. Let's say that the next one you get is a Now your total is 19, which is close to Here, you should choose to stand , which means that your final score for the round is Remember that you don't want to go over 21 or else you will bust because then you automatically lose.

Double Down.

The Basics

If after you've received your first two cards you are fairly confident that you're going to beat the dealer, you can increase your original bet by as much as 2 times the bet It depends on the casino, though - sometimes you can only increase by exactly 2 times the bet. This can be one of the more profitable options in blackjack, but don't let overconfidence get the best of you. If you are initially dealt two cards of equal value, you can split them.

How To Beat The Casino Using Side Bets in Blackjack- Lucky Lucky

When I was in the Army, one time I had some guy deal with me blackjack 10 bucks a hand and lost 6 straight. Learning how to count cards is the only real way to cut into the edge of the casino. But if you dont want to concentrate soo much on every card that comes out, try this Increase your bets when you are winning and bet the minimum when you are losing. Blackjack is a game of streaks. Therefore you are minimizing your loss on losing streaks and maximizing your profits on winning streaks. This is a system that works for me.

Bet 1 unit, if you win bet 2 units, if you win bet 3 units, if you win bet 4 units, if you win bet 5 units, at this point you you can go back to 1 unit and take a huge profit or continue to increase your bet by 1 unit, or stay at 5 units. Whenever you lose go back to bet 1 unit. This is a system that allows you to increase your bets with the casino's money, when you are winning. You will not win anything sufficient making the same bet every hand.

Just like any game roulette, craps, etc. Each game is its own independant event. Just because the ball has landed on red 20 times, doesn't mean that it won't fall on red again. I've seen the history board where red has come up 18 times in a row, and I've also seen 0 or 00 come up 4 times in a row. Games like this fall into the realm of the law of independant trials.

There's no money management system that allows you to win, long term, at blackjack or any -EV game. You could do this if you had infinite money and there were infinite games available, but other than those circumstances, you have no hope. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy!

When to Double Down

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A quick guide to playing the blackjack game

Double up system in black jack good or bad? Question 0. Posted January 16, How likely is this to fail or work long run? Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Recommended Posts.

Doubling Down in Blackjack Is a Good Bet

With an infinite bankroll and no betting limits it is a foolproof system. The higher your bankroll is, the more -EV you are in the game using this system. I have 2 things to add to this thread: 1. The downside is that it is very boring. My system was as follows: 1.

Blackjack basic strategy won’t make you rich but will save you money

Bet 5 Lose? Bet 10 Lose? Bet 20 Lose? Bet 40 Lose?