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A principle of reading and interpreting the prophetic portions of the Bible is that every prophetic event casts its shadow. That means, while the event itself happens in a moment of time, there are shadows of that event which touch those who live prior to the event. For example, the seven-year period known as the Tribulation will officially begin in a single moment with the Rapture of the Church.

While the Church will not be on earth to experience the difficult days of the Tribulation, the storm clouds of that period will gather long before it actually begins. The discerning believer will be aware of and watching for the shadows of future prophetic events. The events we study in this article are found in Revelation 13 , events which occur around the mid-point of the seven-year Tribulation period. Therefore, at any given moment, believers could be within three to four years of the events of Revelation 13 taking place.

If the Rapture occurred tomorrow, the events of Revelation 13 would happen three to four years later.

What does the Bible say about the Great Tribulation?

Given the short time frame, it is likely that the Church will witness preceding events which will lead up to the actual events of Revelation For example, we will read in this article about a mark which the Antichrist will force everyone to use if they want to be able to buy or sell during the Great Tribulation the last half of the seven years. While the ability to control commerce internationally might have seemed far-fetched to our ancestors, we know it is entirely possible today.

In such a society, computers could easily grant or deny commercial access based on approval or the lack thereof. The Internet has brought the issue of personal privacy to the fore of discussions. The average individual is discovering that vast amounts of personal information about him or her is already collected and in storage in computer databases. Centralized control of commerce would probably be easier to implement than any of us recognize. Three of the beasts are mentioned in Revelation , but the fourth is the composite—stronger and more fierce than any of the previous three.

It is an ongoing form of the ancient Roman Empire. As John continued to look he saw a second beast, this one rising up out of the earth. With the arrival of the second beast, an unholy trinity is completed. Just as the true God exists as a trinity, so does the counterfeit god. The two trinities compare with each other as follows:. The second beast is the False Prophet whose task it is to point people to the Antichrist , just as the Holy Spirit points people toward Jesus Christ. Revelation links the False Prophet with the Antichrist; they work together and ultimately will perish together.

In Revelation we are told he looks like a lamb but speaks like a dragon. Satan causes his False Prophet to appear like a meek and gentle lamb when in reality he has the heart of a destroyer. This False Prophet is the epitome of every false prophet who has ever lived. In the Tribulation, with the absence of true religion, a false religion will be necessary to solidify the political power of the Antichrist.

Wherever you have a vacuum of true religion, political power will marry itself to false religion to give itself a mark of acceptability. Even Communism has a religion called atheism or materialism. So during the Great Tribulation, Satan will use religion to unite the world under the leadership of the Antichrist. The False Prophet will have the power to perform great miracles.

Bible | Philadelphia Church of God

Imagine the astonishment of all on earth as great streaks of fire blaze across the sky. Perhaps it will be a part of a gigantic celebration for the Antichrist. This spectacular show may be to center attention on Jerusalem, where the image of the beast will be exhibited. David Jeremiah Escape the Coming Night. The False Prophet, the second beast of Revelation 13, will be the religious leader who will point people toward the Antichrist. He will be like many false prophets of our own day—dispensing what people want to hear instead of the truth they need to hear.

And he will attract large crowds—false prophets usually do. But in a day of trouble like the Great Tribulation, the lamb-like preacher the people listen to will suddenly begin to manifest the deeds of a ravenous wolf. The False Prophet will have the power to counterfeit the miracles of God, such as calling down fire from heaven. Calling down fire from heaven was associated with the power of God in the Old Testament Genesis ; Leviticus ; 1 Kings ; and in Revelation Whatever God does, Satan is the master counterfeiter.

Since God often revealed Himself by fire, the False Prophet uses fire to validate his own works. The False Prophet deceives the people into building an image which can be used as a focal point for worship of the Antichrist.

The Four Horses of the Apocalypse

I believe this image will be set up in the city of Jerusalem as a counterfeit to the temple of God. I believe it will become a gathering place for those coming to worship the Beast.

The Light of the World

Satan cannot give life; i. It only appears to be alive as a result of being able to speak. Some say it is ventriloquism; others say it will be a computer chip which speaks much as our cars and computers talk to us today.

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