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If you're not sure which to choose, learn more about installing packages. Warning Some features may not work without JavaScript. Please try enabling it if you encounter problems. Search PyPI Search. Chameleon 3. Latest version Last released: Jun 22, Navigation Project description Release history Download files.

Project links Homepage. Statistics View statistics for this project via Libraries. Maintainers chrism hannosch malthe wichert. License and Copyright This software is made available as-is under a BSD-like license [1] see included copyright notice. Notes [1] This software is licensed under the Repoze license. Changes 3. Note that this reverses some of the changes introduced to fix issue Drop support for Python 3.

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Add support for custom exception handling for the tal:on-error statement. Fix an issue where backslash dollar escaping would leave the backslash character still in place. Fix edge case in exception handler causing recursion. This is useful in the case where the template file input is modified before parsing for example, where some tags are stripped away such that token positions need to be offset accordingly for error locations to be rendered correctly.

Expression errors now display source marker previously only filename, line and column was shown. No longer require Python source files to import modules. Optimizations: Simplify exception tracking, reducing bytecode size significantly. Avoid checking if a static string is None during expression interpolation. Fix use of macro definition inside translation block. Improvements: Allow unquoted attribute values. Wrap attribute error thrown when trying to use a non-macro as a macro as a RenderError to get proper error output. Include filename in the on-disk cache module name. Previously, only the SHA digest in hex representation would be used, making it difficult to see where the module came from.

Add support for non-ascii attribute names. Fixed brown bag release. Clean up TemplateError exception implementation.


Fix environment-based configuration logging error. This changes a behavior introduced in 2. Remove fossil test dependency on deprecated distribute. Use absolute import for chameleon. Using the three-argument form of getattr on a chameleon. RepeatDict no longer raises KeyError , letting the default provided to getattr be used. Bugfixes: Implicit translation now correctly extracts and normalizes complete sentences, instead of words. Fix minor parser issue with incorrectly formatted processing instructions. Provide proper error handling for Python inline code blocks.

Features: The simple translation function now supports the translationstring interface. Optimizations: Minor optimization which correctly detects when an element has no attributes. Optimizations: In order to cut down on the size of the compiled function objects, some conversion and quoting statements have been put into functions. The benchmark suite does not report of an increased render time actually slightly decreased.

Bugfixes: An exception is now raised if a trivial string is passed for metal:fill-slot. An empty string is now never translated.

Herbie Hancock - Chameleon (FULL VERSION)

The template module loader file cache now correctly encodes generated template source code as UTF Fixed issue where a closure might be reused unsafely in nested template rendering. Added missing return statement to fix printing the non-abbreviated filename in case of an exception.


Fixed issue which caused testing failures on some platforms. The tal:on-error statement now always adds an explicit end-tag to the element, even with a substitution content of nothing. Fixed issue The tal:on-error statement now works correctly also for dynamic attributes.

That is, the fallback tag now includes only static attributes. Fixed name error which prevented the benchmark from running correctly.

BBC Radio 4 - Natural Histories, Chameleon - Nine colourful facts about chameleons

Compatibility: Fixed deprecation warning on Python 3 for zope interface implements declaration. Note that historically, this was usually an HTTP request which might provide language negotiation data through a dictionary interface. Fixes issue Bugfixes: Include filename and location in exception output for exceptions raised during compilation. If a trivial translation substitution variable is given i. This fixes an incompatibility with ZPT.

Chameleon Facts

The loader now correctly handles absolute paths on Windows. This means that the innermost, and presumably most relevant exception is shown last. Bugfixes: The exception formatter now correctly recognizes nested errors and does not rewrap the dynamically generated exception class. The exception formatter now keeps track of already formatted exceptions, and ignores them from further output. This option exists to provide compatibility with the reference implementation. Bugfixes: Ignore unhashable builtins when generating a reverse builtin map to quickly look up a builtin value.

The translation domain for a slot is defined by the source document, i. The page template class now implements dictionary access to macros: template[name] This is a short-hand for: template. This has been fixed, and the compiler now also throws an exception if an attribute specification contains a comma.

Note that the only valid separator character is the semicolon, when specifying attributes for translation via the i18n:translate statement. This addresses issue Fixed issue where macros attribute would not be available on file-based templates due to incorrect initialization. These have been aliased to Try. The class essentially a callable is created at template construction time. An attributes in i18n:attributes no longer needs to match an existing or dynamic attribute in order to appear in the element.

The string-based template constructor now accepts encoded input. Fixed issue that would prevent escaping of interpolation expression values appearing in text. Encoded expression input on Python 3 is now correctly decoded. Previously, the string representation output would be included instead of an actually decoded string. Expression result conversion steps are now correctly included in error handling such that the exception output points to the expression location. Bugfixes: Fixed pypy compatibility issue introduced in previous release.

Fixed issue where the use of the default name in an attribute interpolation expression would print the attribute value. An attribute value of default now correctly drops the attribute. In the reference implementation, the following attributes are configured as boolean values when the template is rendered in HTML-mode: "compact", "nowrap", "ismap", "declare", "noshade", "checked", "disabled", "readonly", "multiple", "selected", "noresize", "defer" Note that in Chameleon, these attributes must be manually provided.

Bugfixes: The carriage return character used on Windows platforms would incorrectly be included in Python comments.