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Could she make such a commitment? Christianna thought soaAEuntil a surprise encounter with the mysterious but handsome Kosmos, who lavishes her with the personal attention she longs for. Now her mind is filled with doubt. Why was Joshua taking so long to come?

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Had she been a fool to believe that such a great man would want her? Hot lyrics. Featured lyrics.

Share lyrics. An Everlasting Love comments. They wrote about their beautiful experiences with the Lord so that we can benefit by these beautiful words. Their is such beautiful Theology in Hymns such as these.

With an Everlasting Love

May God help us to pray over these words so that we too may learn to live this way. Too many Christians sing thoughtlessly over a Hymn such as this without giving much thought as to the fact that God wants us to truly know HIM in this wonderful way. This hymn about the love of God is sung worldwide. But God's love is demonstrated chiefly by His Son, Jesus Christ, taking away our sins on the cross and dying for us John 3 verse Born again Christians experience a great hope in the gospel and through whatever life has to throw at them, as the love of God is shed abroad in their hearts by the Holy Spirit who is given unto them Romans 5 verse 5.

God's love is completely and infinitely superior to that of mankind. What a sweet hymn this is.

An Everlasting Love

Something lives in every hue. Everything we see outside, the blue sky, the green grass Our God is all around us! He lives in every hue, every color we see. Christ is the reality of all things! Lord be so real to us today!

An Everlasting Love - Precious Moment Figurine

It is of the Lord's sovereignty that the Song of Songs is included in the Scriptures. However, some so-called Christians disagree with the inclusion of Song of Songs in the Bible, viewing it as a secular book, not as a sacred one.

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But in fact Song of Songs is the most sacred of books. In this book the seeker says, "I am my beloved's, and my beloved is mine" If we did not have Song of Songs, we probably could not have such an expression regarding our relationship with the Lord. The hymn "Loved with everlasting love" has a line in the chorus which says, "I am His, and He is mine. To say that "I am my beloved's" does not mean that He is the Master possessing us as His servants.

It means that we are His love. This relationship is not that between master and slave, but the affectionate relationship between husband and wife. Song of Songs is the most romantic book ever written. Yet this book is concerned with the loving relationship between God and His chosen people. It presents a portrait of the married life of Christ and those who love Him.

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